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When applying to the University of Cambridge, you will also be asked to record the names of two Cambridge Colleges for which you would like to be considered, in order of preference. Alternatively, if no choice is indicated, the Board of Graduate Studies will allocate a College to you. You cannot be admitted to the MPhil without being accepted by a College. Details of the thirty-one Colleges affiliated with the University can be accessed through their individual websites, or via the key facts and figures information on the Graduate Admissions website. Guidance on choosing Cambridge Colleges for graduate students is also available.

Most Colleges are co-residential for men and women, but some are for women only. Some Colleges admit only graduates; most admit both undergraduates and graduates. Their main role is to look after their members’ general welfare including, as far as possible, the provision of accommodation, meals and other amenities. Some Colleges provide travel and book grants, or scholarships (open to competition).  Many Colleges also have substantial libraries. You do not have to be in the same College as your supervisor, nor is it necessary to choose a College according to your proposed field of study, since Colleges are multidisciplinary institutions. Although applications will be sent first to the College preferred by the applicant, most places are awarded through an intercollegiate distribution system. There is considerable pressure on College places, thus you are advised to accept any College place you may be offered.

The MPhil office

Centre of African Studies
Alison Richard Building
7 West Road
Cambridge CB3 9DT
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MPhil administrator: Ms Victoria Jones
Tel: +44 (0) 1223 334396

Churchill College

King's College

Newnham College

Queen's College

Trinity College