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Journal Articles

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File text/x-nemerleAllen: Understanding African Politics File
File text/x-nemerleAnderson: Depression, Dust Bowl, Demography, and Drought: the Colonial State and Soil Conservation in East Africa during the 1930s File
FileCaldwell: The Social Context of AIDS in sub-Saharan Africa File
File Troff documentComaroff: Nurtering the Nation; Aliens, Apocalypse and the Post-Colonial State File
FileCooper: The Strength in the Song; Muslim Personhood, Audible Capital, and Hausa Women's Performance of the Hajj File
FileCramer: Homo Economicus Goes to War; Methodological Individualism, Rational Choice and the Political Economy of War File
File packed font fileDe Boeck: The Apocalyptic Interlude; Revealing Death in Kinshasa File
FileEllis: Religion and Politics in Sub-Saharan Africa File
File application/java-serialized-objectGlaser: 'We must infiltrate the Tsotsis'; School Politics and Youth Gangs in Soweto 1968-1976 File
FileGuyer: Wealth in People, Wealth in Things File
FileGuyer: Wealth in People as Wealth in Knowledge; Accumulation and Composition in Equatorial Africa File
File text/x-nemerleHigginson: African Culture in the Mainstream File
FileHunter: The Changing Political Economy of Sex in South Africa: The Significance of Unemployment and Inequalities to the Scale of the AIDS Pandemic File
File packed font fileHunwick: Secular Power and Religious Authority in Muslim Society; the Case of Songhay File
FileIliffe: The Origin of African Population Growth File
File text/x-nemerleJackson: Why Africa's Weak States Persist; the Empirical and the Juridical in Statehood File
File text/x-nemerleJohnson:Political Ecology in the Upper Nile; the 20 Century Expansion of the Pastoral 'Common Economy' File
File Applix Spreadsheets spreadsheetKalyvas: The Ontology of “Political Violence”; Action and Identity in Civil Wars File
File Troff document (with manpage macros)Kinsman: 'Beast of Burden'; the Subordination of Southern Tswana Women, ca 1800-1840 File
File text/x-nemerleKrijn: Why We Fight; Voices of Youth Combatants in Sierra Leone File
FileLonsdale: Coping with Contradictions; the Develoment of the Colonial State in Kenya, 1895-1914 File
FileLonsdale: Kikuyu Christianities File
FileMaxwell: 'Catch the Cockerel before Dawn'; Pentecostalism and Politics in Post-Colonial Zimbabwe File
File text/x-nemerleMcCann: A Great Agrarian Cycle? Productivity in Highland Ethiopia, 1900-1987 File
FileMcCann: Climate and Causation in African Historical Studies File
FileMcCaskie: Accumulation, Wealth and Belief in Asante History File
File Emacs Lisp source codePosel: Rethinking the 'Race Class Debate' in South African Historiography File
FileRanger: Nationalist Historiography, Patriotic History and the History of the Nation; the Struggle over the Past in Zimbabwe File
FileSeekings: Tade Unions, Social Policy and Class Compromise in Post-Apartheid South Africa File
FileSimone: On the Worlding of African Cities File
File Java archiveSpear: Methods and Sources for African History Revisited File
File text/x-nemerleStillwagon: Racial Metaphors; Interpreting Sex and AIDS in Africa File
FileYoung: Deciphering Disorder in Africa; is Identity the Key? File