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Centre for History and Economics Prize Research Grant

Prize research grants

The Centre for History and Economics awards a number of prize research grants each academic year. Students intending to study for the MPhil in Historical Studies, in Economic and Social History, in Political Thought and Intellectual History, in Modern European History, in Modern South Asian Studies, in African Studies, in Economics, or for other MPhil and post-graduate programmes of the University of Cambridge are eligible to apply.  These prize research grants provide access to the Centre's facilities, a book grant, and funding towards research-related travel (up to a total value of £600).

Applications are being invited for the academic year 2014-15. prize research grants require a separate application, in addition to that of the University. Applicants submit a completed application form and a statement of research interests. The submission deadline for applications is Wednesday 11 June 2014 (we accept applications by email). Two letters of reference should be sent direct to the Centre by Wednesday 11 June 2014 (we accept references submitted by email). The application form is available for download below, and can also be requested by email to

The Centre is committed to a policy of equal opportunity.

For an application form click here.

Grants for students outside the University of Cambridge

The Centre for History and Economics also offers a small number of Mellon Prize Research Grants in connection with the Cambridge/Harvard research programme on Exchanges of Economic, Legal and Political Ideas. These are intended for students at other universities, in the UK or elsewhere, who wish to visit Cambridge for short periods of time in connection with their research.

Further details can be found here.

The Centre is committed to a policy of equal opportunity.