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Development issues in sub- Saharan Africa

Coordinator: Richard Sidebottom (Centre of Development Studies)

Lecturer:  Richard Sidebottom (Centre of Development Studies)

Contact hours: 16 weekly lectures will be supplemented by bi-weekly Open discussion seminars and periodic talks by external speakers

Aims and objectives:

Though extremely heterogeneous, countries in sub-Saharan Africa remain some of the most underdeveloped and poverty stricken countries in the world. The objective is to provide an appreciation of the wide variation in historical, socio-political, structural and institutional aspects of the SSA development paradigm(s) and to investigate the prevailing discourse of problem diagnosis and policy prescription.

The course will cover four broad themes: historical and global context; state and society; capital (human, physical and financial); and the role of different sectors (agriculture; resources; manufacturing) in development. By linking case studies to themes covered in core Development MPhil papers, this course aims to illustrate key development concepts.