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Post-Slavery Societies in East Africa

Workshop Programme

16 December 2014

09:30   Registration and Coffee

10:00   Opening Remarks

10:15   Panel 1: Renegotiating Place-Specific Hierarchies
(Chair: Felicitas Becker)

James Brennan - First-comers, chiefs and republicans: political legitimacy and the shadow of servitude among the 'indigenous' people of Dar es Salaam, 1890-1968

Elizabeth McMahon – Abolition and uchawi: shifting the landscapes of power on Pemba Island

Kadara Swaleh - Muungwana ni vitendo: Challenging slavery-derived hierarchies in a Bajuni village in Coastal Kenya

12:15 – 13:30  Lunch

13:30   Panel 2: Ex-slaves’ Challenges: Land, Law and Social Identity (Chair: Benedetta Rossi)

Denis Regnier - Two ways of being of slave descent in Madagascar

Vijaya Teelock – Land issues in post-emancipation and contemporary Mauritius

Hassan Mwakimako  - The sharia court post slavery judgement:  the Qadi, colonial rule and the marriage of a ‘slave woman’ along the eastern coast of the Indian Ocean                                

15:30   Tea, Coffee and Biscuits

16:00   Panel 3: Speech and Silence (Chair: Pat Caplan)

Sarah Hillewaert – “Mwata mila ni mtumwa”  Contemporary notions of slavery and its influence on social relations among youth in Lamu (Kenya).

Klara Boyer-Rossol - From the word to the practice. Speeches about slavery in western Madagascar during the 2000s

Kai Kresse - 'if ever slavery were to return, it would be us...' – Re-reading Sheikh al-Amin Mazrui's post-slavery reflections from the early 1930s

18:00   Conclusion - 19.30    Reassemble for dinner at the Rice Boat

17 December 2014

09:30   Panel 4: Migrations
(Chair: Benedetta Rossi)

James Giblin - Coming Home in the Decades after Slavery

Katharina Zöller - ‘Manyema hatutoki boi’: Manyema group identification and the issue of slavery in urban Tanganyika

David Maxwell – Freed slaves, missionaries and traditional leaders: the search for status and respectability in South-East Belgian Congo

11:30   Tea, Coffee and Biscuits

12:00   Final Discussion

Pat Caplan 

Benedetta Rossi

13:30   Lunch

- End of Workshop -