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Decolonising the curriculum

Decolonising the curriculum

Decolonising the Curriculum Faculty Research Initiative


Conveners: Arathi Sriprakash (Education); Manali Desai (Sociology); Mónica Moreno Figueroa (Sociology); Adam Branch (POLIS)


Our multi-disciplinary Faculty Research Initiative seeks to generate and support efforts to center decolonisation, race, and the politics of knowledge within the reform of the Cambridge curriculum. In so doing, we endeavor to engage with ongoing global debates about curriculum justice in higher education as well as to respond to growing demands for curriculum transformation from students and staff at Cambridge and across the UK. A central focus will be to consider how specific forms of knowledge and theory become normative for different disciplines and the consequences for racial, gender and class justice in education.


We hope to achieve a number of objectives through the Decolonising the Curriculum Faculty Research Initiative:


1.         To create a hub for intellectual resources and knowledge exchange around decolonial, post-colonial and subaltern critiques of the social sciences and humanities that can be developed and employed by faculty, students, and administrators involved in curriculum reform.


2.         To build a network of faculty members throughout Cambridge interested in advancing debates and efforts around the decolonisation of the curriculum and curriculum justice.


3.         To host seminars, workshops, and lectures and to support ongoing events and initiatives around Cambridge.


4.         To facilitate dialogue between students and staff, and to share examples of good practices in curriculum change across various departments and faculties.


5.         To build relations and collaborations with allies involved in transforming knowledge production at other universities as well as outside higher education, in the UK and internationally.


6.         To explore possibilities for alternative pedagogies within the university system.


7.         To partner with other members of the Consortium for the Global South to generate cross-disciplinary initiatives that bring issues and knowledge from the Global South to a more prominent place in research and teaching at Cambridge.