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Dr Rachel King

Dr Rachel King

Smuts Research Fellow in African Studies

Departments and Institutes

Centre of African Studies:
Smuts Research Fellow in African Studies

Research Interests

Dr King's research focuses on the intersections of political identity and archaeology in southern Africa's Maloti-Drakensberg Mountains, encompassing Lesotho and South Africa, during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. She is interested in how 'outlaw' societies imagined themselves and were imagined by contemporary observers, utilising archaeological, historical, and ethnohistorical materials. Dr King's research also extends to cultural heritage mitigation associated with development projects in Lesotho, including capacity building programmes for heritage management. She is currently working on a book project and administering a grant from British Library's Endangered Archives Programme to digitally archive ethnohistorical materials from Lesotho. 


  • South Africa
  • Anthropology
  • Lesotho
  • Politics
  • Cultural Heritage
  • History