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Dr Sabine Cadeau

Dr Sabine  Cadeau

Legacies of Enslavement project Research Fellow


Dr Sabine Cadeau is a historian of the Caribbean and the broader African Diaspora. She is particularly interested in histories of slavery, empire, race, citizenship and human rights.  Her book project More Than a Massacre: The Anti-Haitian Campaign in the Dominican Border Provinces: 1919-1946 traces a successively worsening campaign of explicitly racialized anti-Haitian repression that began in 1919 under the American occupiers, accelerated in 1930 with the rise of Trujillo, and culminated in 1937 with the slaughter of an estimated twenty thousand civilians. Relatively unknown by contrast with contemporary events in Europe, the Haitian-Dominican experience has yet to figure in the broader literatures on genocide and statelessness in the twentieth century. More Than a Massacre is currently under review with Cambridge University Press. A parallel project, titled 'Victims in Their Own Words: Remembering the Forgotten 1937 Haitian Massacre', is a documentary history based on interviews with massacre survivors and their descendants. 

Dr Cadeau received her PhD in Modern Latin American and Caribbean Atlantic World History from the University of Chicago in 2015. From 2017-2019, she was visiting assistant professor in Caribbean history at the University of South Florida at Tampa. From 2016-2017 she was a postdoctoral fellow in Yale University’s Program in Agrarian Studies. From 2015-2016, she was a postdoctoral fellow at Rutgers University. She has designed and taught undergraduate courses such as Atlantic Slavery, Introduction to Caribbean History, and Africans in the Americas. She has also taught graduate courses, including Comparative Colonialism, and Race and Racism in Latin America and the Caribbean. Her research has been supported by the Andrew Mellon Foundation, The Social Science Research Council, and the Woodrow Wilson Foundation.