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Centre of African Studies


The Managers of the Centre of African Studies have established the status of Academic Visitor at the Centre. The purpose of this membership is to facilitate and encourage visits to Cambridge by established scholars who have a particular project on an African subject, normally with funding, that it is felt would be best carried out at the Centre. The desire to assist such scholars is in accordance with the established duties of the Centre of African Studies as laid down in University Ordinances:

“4(a) … in collaboration with the Faculty Boards concerned, to promote teaching in African subjects, and to promote research in these subjects and the publication of the results of such research; (b) to co-operate with outside bodies in the encouragement of research in African subjects”.

The Committee of Management of the Centre of African Studies proposes to grant to certain visiting scholars the status of Academic Visitor at the Centre for a period of one year or less depending on funding.

The Director and staff of the Centre will undertake to assist the Academic Visitor in the following ways:

  1. The Centre will provide, when available, working accommodation for the visitor.
  2. The visitor may use the library and other facilities of the Centre.
  3. The visitor may participate in seminars and attend lectures organised by the Centre.
  4. The Centre will assist the member to gain access to the Faculty or Department in the University to which their research relates, and to other facilities of the University such as the Library and University Computing Service which may reasonably be required in the course of research.

The membership is given on the understanding that the Managers of the Centre shall not be legally or financially responsible for the visitor, nor obliged to assist the visitor in securing financial support or living accommodation. For their part, the visitor will be expected to contribute to the activities of the Centre, and advise and assist other members of the University interested in their particular field of study. In their application for membership, the prospective academic visitor must nominate a senior member of the University of Cambridge who is carrying out research in a related area of interest and who has agreed to support their application for membership. The member will be expected to deposit in the Centre’s Library a copy of whatever report or publication may arise from his period of study in Cambridge. A bench-fee, currently GBP300 inclusive of VAT, will be payable monthly by the visitor should Academic Visitor status be afforded.
Privileges can be withdrawn if the behaviour of a Member warrants it.

If you would like to become an Academic Visitor of the Centre please complete the form below.

Please upload your current curriculum vitae and a research proposal (of not more than 500 words)
to support your application.