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About the Africa Research Forum and Africa Research Reading Group

At the Africa Research Forum (ARF) external early-career researchers present their works in progress on a bi-weekly basis in 2015-16. Papers are circulated a week in advance to members of the ARF mailing list to enrich the discussion. Meeting on alternate weeks, the interdisciplinary ARF Reading Group is a chance for anybody with an interest in Africa and African studies to discuss particular books or articles. We encourage reading suggestions which will be circulated two weeks in advance. This term we will have two special "meet-the-author" sessions in which the authors, Justin Pearce and Bronwen Everill will be present to discuss their own work.

Africa Research Forum, Wednesdays 1-2pm, room S2 ARB


20  January.  Josh  Pritchard  (Cambridge).   Racial  Rhetoric  and  Fast  Track  Land  Reform  in Zimbabwe, 2000 to 2001.


3 February.  Corentin Cohen, (Sciences  Po, Paris). Imaginary  and Sociology  of the Boko Haram Insurgency.


10 February. George Roberts, (Warwick). Ujamaa socialism, the Vietnam War, and the end of the Prague Spring: Cold War interventions and political protest in Tanzania's "1968."


17 February.  Dr Dan Omanga  (Cambridge).  Marx in Campus:  Print Cultures,  Governance  and Students’ Activism in late 70s Kenya.


2 March. Dan Paget, (Oxford).  Mobilising  rally attendance  in Tanzania:  If there's no party then nobody comes.


ARF Reading Group, Wednesdays 1-2pm, room S3 ARB


27  January.  “Meet-the-author”   with  Dr.  Justin  Pearce,  "Control,  Politics  and  Identity  in  the Angolan Civil War.” African Affairs 111, no. 444 (July 2012): 442–65.


24  February.  “Meet-the-author”  with  Dr.  Bronwen  Everill,  “Bridgeheads  of  Empire?  Liberated African Missionaries  in West Africa,” Journal of Imperial and Commonwealth  History, 41, Special Issue (December 2012), 789-805.


9 March.  Discussion  of Catherine  Coquery-Vidrovitch,  C., “Introduction:  African  Urban  Spaces, History  and  Culture”  in  S.J.  Salm  and  T.  Falola  (eds.),  African  Urban  Spaces  in  Historical Perspective (Rochester, 2005), pp. xv-xl.


If you have any questions, please feel free to email us directly:

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